Mazirbe is ideally located if you wish to travel around the Northern Kurzeme region. If you are coming to Mazirbe from Riga, take the highway along the sea shore (P128, P131, P124) and you’ll have the opportunity to see fishermen’s villages of the Gulf of Riga and the beauty of Latvian seaside. In Mazirbe area you can choose one of the prepared routes to visit the Livonian Coast, Slītere National Park or any other of the beautiful natural sites in the vicinity – the Cape of Kolka, Rīgzeme Grand Oak, Dūmele Stone, Kaļķupe Valley, Puiškalns and many others. Only an hour from Mazirbe is Ventspils, one of the most progressive cities in the country with countless recreation possibilities. You’ll need only 20 minutes to reach Dundaga city to see its 13th century castle, which is the largest in all of Northen Kurzeme. The nearby city of Valdemārpils also offers memorable cultural and historic delights.

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