The Cape of Kolka

The Cape of Kolka – the most pronounced cape on Latvian seashore, where the Baltic Sea meets with the Gulf of Riga. Place of endless horizon, where it is possible to view both sunrise and sunset in the sea. You can spend whole day enjoying the sights and delights of the Cape of Kolka and Kolka village – watch the meeting of the two seas and the Kolka lighthouse 5 km [3,1 miles] into the sea, walk the trails of Kolka pine forest, visit Kolka village, taste the regional dish – sklandrausis – and smoked fish made by the local fishermen, climb the Kolka view tower, and discover this magical place through many other activities. If you are a bird watcher, visit the Cape of Kolka during spring when large amounts of birds returning from their winter flyway rest here – the cape is a part of the most intensive bird migration route in Latvia.

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